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Auslan Cooking Classes

Auslan Cooking Classes.


As the founders of Auslan Cooking classes we (Kirk and Lana Barnett)

think that we have the best job out there! We get to combine two of our

greatest passions – Auslan and cooking. 


Auslan cooking classes provides a range of services, all catered towards

the Australian deaf & hard of hearing community. Our main focus is

recreational and educational cooking classes which gives students a

‘hand on’ experience in the kitchen. Unlike other cooking classes where

you sit and watch a cooking demonstration our classes have the students

cooking the recipes themselves with the guidance of our chefs.

Outside of our cooking classes we produce video recipes which are

distributed for free on the internet for the community to view and share between friends. Auslan cooking classes has recently established a new program aimed at schools in Victoria that teach Auslan as a L.O.T.E subject. The program offers Auslan students to be fully immersed in the Auslan language by way of a cooking class delivered only in sign language.


We currently have a small team working towards providing our services and will look to expand this team in 2015. Where possible we employ deaf and hard of hearing chefs to teach classes with us. 


2015 looks like it’s going to be a big year for Auslan Cooking Classes, we will be announcing new classes and activities , releasing more delicious video recipes and looking to partner with other organisations to deliver the best programs we can to the Australian deaf and hard of hearing community.